About MCR Group
MCR Broadband is an ISO9001 and ROHS compliant manufacturer of RF Products, designed by its own multi-discipline engineering staff to meet customer and market stringent requirements. Product lines include CATV, DBS Satellite Distribution products and Structured Wiring Networking components and assemblies, utilizing coaxial cable as the transmission media.
MCR OEM is a full Turn Key Contract Manufacturing division of MCR Group, Inc. MCR OEM enjoys a very capable multi discipline engineering staff, as well as a modern ISO9001 and ROHS compliant manufacturiing facility. Capabilities include PCB design, SMT and thru-hole PCB assembly, plastic injection molding and complete product assembly.
MCR Audio Division, OTTAVO, designs and manufactures a variety of modern and colorful Docking Stations for iPod, iPhone and iPad, under Apple Inc. Made for iPod and Works with iPhone licenses. In addition, it offers products for MP3 players, product accessories and wireless interface technology. OTTAVO's engineering and manufacturing facilities are ISO9001-2000 certified as well as RoHS compliant.
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