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Meet the MCR Group

  • President, Wing Wong


  • VP of Sales, Henry Flesch


  • Domestic Sales Manager, Dinah Donado


  • International Sales Manager, Bernal Gonzalez


  • Inside Sales Manager, Mike Jones


  • Online Sales Manager, Aaron Chen


  • Logistics Manager, Dicky Chen


  • Electroptical Engineer, Wing Yu


  • Accounting, Yin Lin


  • Warehouse Manager, John Smith



Team Sales, Inc. (TSI)


  • Chris S.D. Davis (Owner) - Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin.


  • John Owen Bennett -  Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky


  • Dave Degner - Iowa, Nebraska, South & North Dakota and Minnesota


  • Teresa Braden - Missori, Kansas, Arkansas and Oklahoma as well serves as our team's target account manager for all of our 13 state coverage area.


  • Katy A. Cash - Inside sales 





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