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Some people dream of success. We make it happen.
  • Outsourcing/offshoring strategy base on the customer needs


  • Manage bidding process


  • Provide support through all stages of the process


  • Screen proposals, vendors, develop contract, manage the transition


  • Assess value delivered, recommend ways to improve performance


  • Analyze the current status of an outsourcing relationship

Delivery Van
  • FL and CA Warehouses


  • Multi-million Dollar Inventory


  • 24 hour Deliveries for most   order


  • Turn-Key and OEM Projects


  • Dependable Customer Services


  • Safety Stock Availability


  • Drop Ship Capability

Customer Service Rep
Customer Service
  • Account Management focus


  • Personal care of all client calls


  • Quick responses to customer requirements


  • Global logistic service


  • Continuous contact with MCR Factory and MCR Engineering

Engineering Sketch
Mechanical Capabilities
  • Mechanical Engineering & Design


  • Tooling Design & Manufacturing


  • Plastic Injection Molding


  • Metal Injection Molding


  • Sheet Metal


  • Metal Castings


  • Precision Machining


  • Ultra Precise Electroplating


  • Mechanical assembly


  • Functional testing and Packaging

Soldering circuit board
Electrical Capabilities
  • OEM for various industries


  • Electronic Engineering & Design


  • Printed Circuit Board Design


  • Printed Circuit Board Assembly


  • Complete Electronic Assembly


  • Mechanical Assembly


  • Electrical Testing


  • Functional Testing and Packaging

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